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BAS Capital is a fully licensed entity operating with full regulatory mandate by the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC). When you take a look at the Nigerian finance scene, you see a standout partner in BAS Capital.

Think of us as your wise partner that is here to assist with funding needs for individuals and SME’s . Our main goal is simply to keep you well structured and staying afloat by making smart choices about where to invest or source funds with our advisory and management consulting.

BAS Capital employs a systematic approach to address corporate financing, accounting, audit, and tax advisory needs, crafting plans that align with your unique style and goals. Our team of financial and tax experts is well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to strategize for your financial future, ensuring a steady and consistent growth of your finance.

We're like superheroes for these businesses, helping it grow and succeed.It's akin to an inspiring narrative of financial partnership, with BAS Capital serving as your guiding star.

Sectors we Serve

Our Services

Feel free to choose from any our plans categorised into Corporate/HNI and Retail

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Corporate Finance

Helping your organisation navigate the path to sustainable financial strength and success
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SME Advisory

We conduct meticulous exercisesto ensure our clients' objectives are achieved through sound judgment.
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Tax & Audit Advisory

Navigate the intricacies of tax and audit regulations, ensuring compliance and optimizing your financial strategies
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Helping your organisation navigate the path to sustainable financial strength and success
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Management Consulting

Helping your management to make the best decisions
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Perela Toby Senior Analyst, Corporate Finance
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Funke Shittu Chief Finance Officer

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